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thoughts of the day.....

i'm keeping way too busy. my friend sydney and i are going to take tap classes when her foot is healed from it's surgery. and i think i may go rock climbing soon. i miss doing bizarre things, and i think it may conquer my fear of hights, which isn't tremendous, but it's big enough that i get nervous thinking about it.
and soon we're going to see bring in da noise, bring in da funk with SAVION (glover that is), who is just...
well, as a certain brooklyn-ite would say, FINE-ah! :) and fabulous, he's that too.
the shootings around here seem to have slowed... why that is i don't know, it almost makes me more nervous. to think he hasn't hit in a while, so maybe he will with a vengance soon? i don't know, but i still want to go home in so many ways, it's ridiculous.
mom, dad, i miss you.
dana, dana, the kids, i miss you too.
my babies, dr. fluegel crew, miss the laughter.
bossmansteve and karla et al, miss the hugs.
b., more than you'll ever know.


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