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turning almost 30...

for many people in my life, turning 30 appears to be an easy thing. either that, or it's so far away that they are completely unconcerned about it.
i however, have a week until i am closer to 30 than 20. almost 30. getting up there.. the whole thing. and i am, i will be more than honest, terrified. i mean TERRIFIED. does no one understand this???? i talked to several people about my turning almost 30 months ago.... and here's the responses i got...
dad: "i turn 51 this year, deal"
brian, supposedly supportive friend who i love and supposedly loves me back, in response to my "i'm going to stay 25" comment:
"yeah, good luck with that."
gabe: "26 is not 30. get a grip"
chris (who mind you all is a mere 20): "hi mom"
steven, my brother, who i love deeply and is also supposed to be supportive of his sister: "give it up"

now, in all my friends and family, no one seemed to be anywhere near as concerned as i. no one looked at me lovingly and said, 'kate, you are 25 now, and you look about 21, you have nothing to worry about. you aren't getting old' to my formerly supportive and loving fam and friends... whatever.
wait till it happens to you.
however, i did find my commerade and soul mate in my pookie again, when i said, 'pookie (not her real name), we turn 26 this year. we are almost 30' she said, "I KNOW!!! i'm soooooo scared!!!! we are old!!!"
thank God above for best friends.
what would i do without her?????

ok, so i now can admit, i'm not as nervous. but the thought of actually saying i'm (gulp) 26 still frightens me. i'm so unprepared for 30 that i cannot even handle 26. i'm going to have my 10 year HS reunion in 2 years. GOD ABOVE!!! i don't think i can handle it. (shudder) oi.


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