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on a lighter note...

i spent yesterday helping to paint an enormous american flag out in our cul de sac. very cool. the kids were all in on it, but they gave up on it after a while, the heat, easliy distracted, the like. so the adults took over and finished it, and it looks awesome.
along with that, the loudon times mirror was there and took 8 rolls of film of us painting away during the 3 hours we were working on it. which means, the kids will be in the paper! :) as well as the adults, who took to a few beers (a margarita for me please) by noon. so it was lots of fun, and as soon as i have a web page for the pics and story of us, i will be happy to alert you to it :) lots of fun though. thoroughly enjoyed it. i am a little sunburned though, but i will survive.

in addition, today was the all parish fair at st. james. fun fun fun. i met about a hundred people every hour, and i know that (because this always happens)_they will know my name, and all my info the next time i see them, and i won't remember their name or who their kids are, or anything. so it has been a pretty good weekend over all, a bit tense at home with the screaming, but good anyway :)
hope you all are doing well and having a good week. miss my home... re-thinking massage therapy again... looking into it.


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