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September 12, 2002

i have to say, i haven't watched any of the news reports. i haven't spent a lot of time reading over every thing our president said, or all the stories of those lost.
but the mere thought of the wreckage our lives as americans became, for a brief period of time, the wreckage it still is for some, the horror of what happened to a city i love... it makes me cry all over again. the emptiness left behind in such a rage of senselessness, it overwhelms me to think someone, anyone, could think that something that horrific would accomplish what it appears bin laden, al queda, et al are attempting to accomplish.
last night we gathered around our flag, which we painted saturday. i didn't cry... but listening to our kids say the pledge, amidst the conrtoversies that it faces in CA, and the madness of our world... the little kids, the innocent voices, pledging, perhaps not understanding, but promising to stand beside it and for it and for all it represents.... yeah, there were tears, but not a lot of crying....
i did try to call family and friends yesterday. i talked to a few, left messages for others... the message i try to convey in my everyday life, with emails, calls, notes, letters, i hope i conveyed yesterday too... especially yesterday on a day we wish we can't forget. on a day when our remembering hurts so much.
my prayers and sympathies go to the families of the victims. my own, personal, special thank you to the police officers, fire fighters, EMTs, and those who tried their best to help others. i wish i could do more. but i can say thank you.


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