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in other news...

i've started working with the middle school youth at st. james. wow. i had forgotten how wild middle school guys can be... goodness. and i don't think any of the other leaders for MS were prepared at all.
i'm thankful to be able to say that our first night went without really any hitches, we met, mingled, played, and generally had fun. but it's a busy chaotic world we're now in. *sigh*
i'm also thankful that the senior high leaders were there and that they were up to the challenge as well. they are fabulous, and i'm... enamored. *sigh* but that is another story entirely, ..... .... ... ...'nuff said.

i will be officially closer to 30 tomorrow, and i'm freaked out. to say the least. i wish i knew exactly what the reason was, i think it's all having to do with my parents being married by my age, or something... i'm not sure. maybe it's that my friends are beginning to buy houses (ack) and are thinking about having kids, and i'm totally not prepared to buy a house, settle into being a mom, or even be pregnant. it's a bit much for me. everyone always tells me that you forget the pain of it, i think they lie. and i'm a wimp when it comes to that kind of pain. ask my mom. ask my best friends... they know. ouch. men have no idea what we women suffer. no idea. thank God for aleve. but (as i've digressed) i can say i'm comfortable being 25. and as i mentioned before, i plan to stay 25. i don't like the number 26, and the thoughts of house buying, family raising, not for me, and at 26, many of my friends are doing so.
within the last 2 years... about a dozen of my friends have gotten married. of those, 7-9 own houses. of my other friends, several are buying houses now. .... and several have kids.
maybe it's my lack of actual decision on future career, that i've made changes and am feeling uncertain and am finally pushing my goals into something new. regardless, i'm not ready to be 26. and so i will stay 25 for now thank you.

maybe i'll regress to elementary school and ramona books.

maybe not. i like a lot about being a grown up. i think i may stay... 25. :)


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