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Sick again.

Or still. I'm not sure which. Over the weekend I was feeling run down still, but chalked it up to having been sick, and not sleeping well. I've felt more itchy in general- my neck, shoulders, and back. Sunday night we got home from my parents and I felt achy all over again. I took an Aleve, convinced Deron to rub my back, and was feeling better Monday. Til midday. Then I started feeling pain in my eyes- like allergies- and figured it actually was allergies. Until yesterday. When it got to be lunchtime and I went to the bathroom (this isn't going to be too much information I promise). I looked at my thighs and they were COVERED with red spots. I lifted my shirt, same thing. Looking in the mirror, I saw my neck and chest were also dotted all over with the same red spots. And of course, I began to worry. I hunted down our infection control nurse (good thing I work were I do... I guess??) and she took one look and said I was having an allergic reaction. And likely, it was the antibiotic I was on from being sick with early bronchitis/whatever I had previously picked up from work.

So another visit to the doctor and I'm given another prescription, no more antibiotic with sulfate in it, and take the benedryl every 6 hours. I didn't realize until I got home that the new med couldn't be taken until TODAY. And so that was why the benedryl every 6 hours.

At this point, I am covered with hives- my face, neck, arms, shoulders, legs, stomach, back. COMPLETELY covered. And I know hives aren't the worst thing ever, but its itchy and terribly uncomfortable. AND I'm missing work again. AGAIN. And although I am pretty sure that once I've been on this for a day I will be better, the hives are so much worse than yesterday and the throat has been tighter all morning, and I've missed another day of work. So keep fingers crossed or pray or whatever, I need something to get better.


I am including a picture, however, I don't think this is even close to how bad it really looks. Poor Deron has saddled himself with a terror for a girlfriend. :(


sorry you are sick. Praying for you today!

2:23 PM  

hey beautiful, i am sooo sorry you're not feeling well!

miss you!

12:30 AM  

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