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100 Things

A very long time ago (and I mean like more than 4 years ago) I wrote this blog about 50 random things about me. I have decided that its not only time for an update, but I would go for the 100. Yes. Listing 100 random things about me. We'll see how long this takes. Its 9 am on Saturday morning. :)

1. I am (for certain) German, Austrian, and English.
2. I am (not sure about this for a long reason I won't go into) probably at least 50% Irish.
3. I am most proud of being Irish though I am not certain I am that much Irish.
4. I hate packing to move, but I also am a horrible packrat, which makes packing things I don't really need but I don't want to get rid of very hard.
5. I love margarita's, frozen, with salt please.
6. My bed is a platform bed with a feather bed on top of it and 2 down comforters.
7. Because my feet, they are always cold.
8. I LOVE my bed.
9. I love the color blue-any shade, its all beautiful to me.
10. I am missing some people, and some places. I could go for a visit to the lake about now.

11. I am a Vegetarian- not vegan, but no meat in my diet.
12. I am debating bringing chicken back into my life, for one thing only- Brooks Chicken House in Oneonta NY.
13. I completely love John Denver, Rascal Flatts, Sarah McLachlin, Barenaked Ladies, and the Dixie Chicks. They are the most played on the iTunes.
14. I am excited to 'nest' and settle into my new home.
15. I am more excited about nesting and furniture and getting better organized and decreasing the pack-rat-ness than I am about a lot of other things.
16. Except for the fact that I am living with D and that our furface comes home next Friday. Those win out.
17. I have realized that some of these things are related, and some are totally not at all. Sorry.
18. I have only 2 cousins I am related to biologically, 3 more I grew up with who are legally my cousins, and 2 more who aren't related in either capacity who I grew up with and am closer to than any of the others.
19. I love stuffed French Toast at the Glider Diner.
20. I have fallen totally in love with The Office :)

21. I love pictures, and they cover my walls- not posters, not art (aside from my aunt's painting) but photographs, framed, everywhere.
22. I love Heath Bars too, very delicious!
23. I have long had issues with trust and believing in myself and others.
24. These are because I used to be incredibly trusting and have been burned too many times.
25. I occaisionally find myself trying to write as though I am writing a note at work, meaning I want to write in health care/medical terminology. As in just now, I wanted to write in #24- 2' being incredibly trusting... etc.
26. I spend A LOT of time doing paperwork AT work. And I wish I spent more time just being with my residents.
27. I hate paperwork.
28. I look incredibly similar to my mom.
29. Except that my eye color is clearly from my dad, and my hair, while straight like mom's, gained its coloring from dad's side. And why I have to dye it now. Thanks Grandma. :)
30. I love salmon, buffalo shrimp, and broccoli.

31. I am very fond of NPR -Fresh Air, This I Believe, and Prairie Home Companion
32. I've worked with teens since I was a teen, and have loved that part of my life. My kids have given me strength and taught me so very much and I feel really lucky I've been able to be a youth minister.
33. I cannot abide liars and cheaters.
34. I prefer comfort to style all the time. But I am learning that in my home (that nesting thing again) I can have both.
35. I love to watch 20/20 and 48 Hours Mystery. However, I cannot stand horror/suspense movies. I realize there is a difference, but little scariness is one thing, terrifying myself is another.
36. I have a terrible memory.
37. My closest friends are all male, have always been male. Since kindergarten on, my best friends have almost always been guys.
38. I am moody and incredibly sensitive. I have been told by my mother that this is why I was alone and that I would never find anyone who could handle how difficult I am. While I accept being moody and difficult, her telling me that was about the deepest cut I have ever endured.
39. For whatever reason, I have found love in my life, and people who think my difficult-ness is worth tolerating in order for me to be in their lives. Thank you :)
40. I've been told I am photogenic, but I rarely like photos of myself.

41. I love math- problems, equations, and solving things make me incredibly happy. I enjoy learning and I love that with math, it is almost always black and white- there are no grey areas.
42. I have my Bachelor's in Religion and Philosophy and an Associate's as a Physical Therapist Assistant. I am licensed to practice in 2 states. I plan to go back to school for Massage Therapy.
43. The movie ET terrified me so much as a child I will not watch it again.
44. I will also not watch Titanic because I cannot endure that song by Celine Dion nor will I watch Jurasic Park because I saw it with Gary, and ....yeah. There is something in me that will not allow it.
45. Losing him resulted in a lot of things- my going into youth ministry, my being there for my kids 24/7 whenever they need me, me being more compassionate, taking people's pain very seriously, and having a heart for others. It also resulted in my being unable to recall the first 6 months of my senior year of high school, headaches I could not stop, and a broken heart.
46. But I have learned that while I do not think things happen for a reason, I do believe good can come from any experience. You have to dig more for some things, but good can come from it.
47. I am still Katie to most of my family, but most everyone in my life since college (the first time) knows me as Kate.
48. I used to be very involved in drama club in high school- working on sets, lights, sound, and then assistant directing. I also was co-coordinator of Talent Fest for 2 years. And I loved being involved in those things.
49. I was also president of Tech Club in high school. I was a geek, yes thank you.
50. I am O positive blood type.

51. I am halfway through and amidst puttering and eating breakfast it is 11:42. This is taking forever. It is hard to find things to tell people.
52. I cry at EVERYTHING.
53. I also laugh at almost everything.
54. I never wanted a tattoo til I saw this one on a girl's wrist. Now I do.
55. I love tattoos (on guys and tasteful ones on girls) for the record, I just didn't want one.
56. I've had one surgery and that was for a lump in my chest. Benign thankfully.
57. I am an extremely jealous person if I have reason to be concerned/jealous.
58. I wish I wasn't so much.
59. My gut feelings haven't ever been wrong.
60. I love kids, but I don't think I'll ever have any. I don't think I would be a good mom.

61. My Aunt Susan is my hero, along with my grandma. They have both left this earth and I miss them a lot. They were smart, talented, intelligent women with hearts of gold. I like to think I inheirited something from them both via osmosis... Since I'm not biologically related to either one.
62. My favorite flowers are Forget-Me-Nots and white Tulips.
63. I like to think I'm the outdoorsy kind of girl, but I need to be able to shower daily and sleep comfortably. Otherwise its not pretty.
64. I have never thought I was beautiful. Ever.
65. I like to think I can sing well, but I'm not that good. I'd like to be. And I can read music.
66. I do think I have pretty eyes.
67. I've swam in the Atlantic and Pacific and Ontario Lake as well as most of the Finger Lakes in NY. But my favorite place, always, is Arnold Lake in tiny Milford NY.
68. Which incredibly few have heard of, but if I say Cooperstown is about 20 minutes away most people say 'oh ok, I know where that is'.
69. My parents I call by semi-unusual names; Mommers and Brently, Larry and Trish. (Larry is not my father's name at all, and Trish only goes by that with our family- not as unusual but considering the rest of her life calls her by a different name its odd).
70. My dad has been answering to Larry for going on 20 years.

71. I have one brother, and I call him by his name. He's charming and everyone loves him. Which is nice because everyone loves him, and is also annoying because everyone loves him.
72. I prefer small towns and would love to live in the country in a cabin by a lake.
73. Lucky for me, so does D.
74. Winning the lottery seems to be the only way this will happen before we are over 50.
75. I'm not holding my breath.
76. I attended a preschool where I was taught to pee in the woods, pluck a turkey, and get messy. My brother attended Catholic preschool where he was taught to wait and be patient. I learned all right, he however... did not.
77. I was born in upstate NY and have lived in that same area most of my life. I no longer live right there, but I don't feel I'm far enough away to say I'm not there... If that makes sense.
78. I attended day camp for one week when I was probably 8 years old and hated it with a passion. I worked at a camp at age 19, 20, 21, and subsequent years... and LOVED it. CW is my second favorite place on earth.
79. I made out with a girl I was friends with a few times when we were in late elementary school/early junior high. I can't believe I'm posting that.
80. I don't want to do so again. Making out with me is reserved for one man only.

81. :)
82. I love Eddie Bauer with a passion.
83. I have about 10 presents in my house for other people that I need to mail. I hope to accomplish that this week before pupper comes home.
84. Just because once she arrives I won't remember them again for months.
85. My favorite season is fall
86. I love parts about spring, but generally cannot take the rain.
87. I think that most of life would be better if we all slowed down, accepted that everyone is going through something, and gave each other a little more slack.
88. I try to live that way.
89. D is the first person I have ever been this open and honest with- he knows more about me than anyone else. I have told him things I would never even think to tell another person. Ryan is the closest to knowing that much, but still... I guess I never thought I would find someone with whom I could really be exactly just me and be wanted and loved as that alone.
90. It is now 1:30 and I haven't posted this yet. For crying out loud. I have managed to do dishes, pack a couple boxes, and start laundry. So its not like I'm being completely unproductive here.

91. I think the hardest job I've ever had was being a nanny. I also miss it sometimes.
92. I am reading a book about bulldogs and a book by Cesar Milan about being the pack leader. Studying- its what I do.
93. I have blue eyes, sometimes they are more grey, sometimes more green, but still blue.
94. I wear only one perfume- an oil - Egyptian Musk. I have worn it for about 18 years and still love the scent. Sometimes I wear B&B Works Juniper Breeze, for reasons few would understand. Suffice it to say it was my Aunt Susan's.

I am ready to take some things over to the new place and go get some things to continue my nesting. Am having trouble with the last few here....

95. I put lotion on every day. I also shave daily. I cannot stand how it feels to have scrubs or jeans rub against my legs with stubble. So I never go a day without removing that.
96. I own my own set of antique silver. From my maternal grandfather's antiquing days. My mom, until giving me this one, had 4. Good heavens.
97. My parents are my greatest source of strength and comfort, and sometimes its from the step-parents, not my biological ones, that I am most understood and helped. I am forever grateful to all 4 of my parents.
98. I consider myself somewhere on the Left, liberal end of things.
99. Our puppy is named for Tonka trucks, pronunciation we expect to be a bit of an issue.
100. I am going on vacation to the Carolinas this summer with D and the pupper, however I'm planning on additional days off sooner than then. Because this job, is kinda killing me.

I am relieved to have finished this because coming up with this much randomness was hard. But its done. I'm off to finish laundry, pack some more, get the car filled up, then back to shower and off to shop. :) My brother is in WB, so I'm going to maybe go see him :)


impressive. this is so challenging - i did a version of 25 things, and i thought it would never end. but i love reading these so, so much. lovely list.

3:16 PM  

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