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I was at work, planning a fun weekend home, excited about the arrival of the motorcycle jacket, and working hard to make sure all my paperwork was getting done so I could be home for 3 days with family and that guy in that picture below :) (D).

And I was walking through the lobby on my way upstairs to get my 1 pm resident. And there was this terrible report on CNN. A shooting in Binghamton at the civic center, where my mom worked all last year teaching English to immigrants to the Binghamton area.

All of everything went out of my head until the ringing in my cell phone stopped and my mom answered.

She is all right, but 13 people were shot before the man with the rifle turned the gun on himself.

All I can say is please pray. Binghamton isn't the best place in the world, it isn't ritzy or classy or overly beautiful. Not much happens here and its just your average formerly industrial town but it is my home. And this... doesn't happen in my home.


It can happen anywhere, can't it?


4:49 PM  

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