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So D and I talk a lot- like nonstop. Texting is a Godsend for a long distance relationship. (Or one that won't be long distance but where half is traveling an hour for work. This is love let me tell you.) And we have discussed our mutual desire for a dog. And somewhere at some point it came out that we both have always-kind of-really-sort of-wanted an English Bulldog. And I am sure you know this guy -
Yeah thats Meaty- from Rob and Big (Rob Dyrdek the skateboarding guyand his best friend Big Black who had that show on MTV). He is precious. And sweet. And snorts and snores and is expensive and all that, yes. But I really love him.

So the conversations have continued and we will see what happens.

No decisions have been made but we are more than considering one. And as well, he would be trained as a therapy dog. My plan would be that I would bring him weekly- I would work in the morning, run home for lunch, grab him, and bring him in for the afternoon. Just a few hours to spend with some residents, give them something sweet and funny and furry and loveable.

I wish I had been in a position to have done this months ago, to have my guys have had that kind of opportunity. Timing, finances, life just prevented it at that point though. I think it would be huge for many of the people I work with. We have many residents who are long term/permanent residents of the facility.

But who wouldn't LOVE this face anyway?
(Stock photo kids, not our future possibility. Work with me.)


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