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My (other) Guy

Today, as is our usual day, morning report arrived around 9. Morning report is when the nursing staff of each floor meet with each other and the other 'disciplines' (ie- Respiratory, PT, OT, Speech, Wound Care, etc). The boss goes and she comes back with notes on the changes, who just arrived, who switched floors (because we do that musical rooms thing ALL the time), who went out to the doctor, etc etc etc.

Todays, it said my other guy's name. And something about anitbiotics and not doing well and some other stuff I couldn't make out because Ang... Well her handwriting clearly takes after her dad, who's a doctor. And so has illegible handwriting.


I went to see him when I was leaving today.

And he isn't well. His family was there, hanging around in that way that people do at a hospital or a nursing home when someone isn't doing well. And they don't know what to do. Other than to be nearby. And tolerate the strangers who come in to check his/her BP, positioning, etc.

And I introduced myself. And asked about him. And got teary-eyed. Because he isn't doing well.

Which is that term we use when someone is going to die but we don't want to say that because it seems disrespectful to say someone is going to die when they are still breathing and present with us right now. ....

But he isn't.

And I'm really going to miss him too.

Love ya J. A lot buddy. Thank you for letting me work with you.

I went in today fully expecting unhappy news. I was surprised, and happy to find that my guy is not only still with us, but up, eating, in his wheelchair, and alert and oriented. So I went to see him in the early afternoon and got to visit with him a bit. :)

Still, I'm all right with what will happen someday. We are all called home at some point... Saying goodbye has to happen. Which is why I want to make every day count :)

Still love my buddy J. And grateful for another day with him.


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