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The proverbial they say patience is a virtue, and its one I try daily to accept and learn and ... well honestly I generally tolerate waiting and patience -I just don't have much. Patience is the virtue I just don't seem to have.

Accepting my job, moving down here, away from everyone, studying, taking my exam, and so on and so forth has been a big waiting game. Add to it 3 years of school (since you know, I had chemistry in high school, but despite Theo's best efforts, I was far from his star pupil and dropped the class before I could fail it and had to take it before getting into the program) and its been almost a 4 year journey.

My third semester of school was insanely hard on me, and I struggled daily with whether or not becoming a PTA was actually what I should do. Until I got to my clinical that fall, THAT changed everything. I loved where I was working. And that was when I stopped questioning what I wanted to do. But I still, as I posted on my other blog, have felt inadequate. As though I wouldn't be enough or do well or be able to treat my patients/residents with the full care that they need from a therapist.

My NY license has been up online for a while, but yesterday my actual license arrived in the mail, accompanied by my 'License Parchment' -which made me feel a little more competent. It states (ahem) 'the University of the state of New York Education Department - Be it known that Kate having given satisfactory evidence of the completion of professional and other requirements prescribed by law is certified as a Physical Therapist Assistant in the state of New York' :) A big long sentence that basically just says that I've fulfilled all of everything the law requires for me to be a PTA.

And so for the last few weeks we were first waiting for the license number to show up on the NY page. And they did the Friday before last. And then waiting, for 10 more days, for my PA license number to show up on PA's site.

And it did.


I start work as a PTA tomorrow.

Still don't have much patience, but when there's nothing else to be done, waiting happens. And eventually things get to where they're supposed to be.


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