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seven for sunday....

(cuz i feel like it)

seven thankfulnesses...
1. my new buddy ryan. he is awesomeness embodied.
2. chris. we don't see each other ever really or talk much- but he's always straightforward and honest with what i'm doing. which i sometimes hurt from but need. and no one else knows me the same way.
3. sleep- sometimes its all i need
4. my bubba. leve him so much!
5. the gym. i know how that sounds, and i didn't get there 3 times this week, but when i go i enjoy it and feel so much better about myself... so i'm grateful
6. music.
7. corey- for the same reasons as chris just a little skewed.
(people are really being awesome. i'm pretty lucky)

seven hopefulnesses...
1. the two days i'm at the lake are gorgeous
2. this week goes fast up to that point
3. mosey survives the week
4. ryan's sarah likes me
5. studying continues and my recall works
6. finances work out- so rent, car insurance, PTA fees, gas, etc get paid
7. i get a chance to get the oil changed this week. poor car...

seven fears...
1. failing my boards
2. moe not making it...i don't want to have to give trish that news.
3. being unable to pay for everything this week - its awesome when its all due at once.
4. making another mistake like the one i made with ben... different but the same.
5. failing my family
6. settling
7. ...honestly i know how this will sound, but breast cancer. really.

seven plans...
1. studying plan laid out. beginning in earnest this week.
2. life altering (or life figuring it out) plans ongoing for the next 25ish days.
3. job hunting and deciding where to live and work plans underway... need to work on that more.
4. work week planned. not as exciting but yeah.
5. lake plans friday and saturday. WAY more exciting than the rest.
6. maryland plans- on hold til i hear from the CW crew...
7. possible saratoga plans with the boys

seven dreams...
1. deep abiding love
2. him (not exactly sure who he is but...)
3. good job where i'm helping people recover from injury
4. jack russell
5. possibly a kid. one works for me.
6. provide help to my kiddies...
7. peaceful quiet and joy

seven songs that sum it up...
1. chasing cars- snow patrol
2. long way around- dixie chicks
3. margaritaville- jimmy buffet
4. home- howie day
5. every day- rascal flatts
6. lullaby- dixie chicks
7. september- earth wind and fire

seven parts of my life i'd never change...
1. my parents. all of them.
2. my brother.
3. my best friends- see above and add pj
4. going back to school
5. going to maryland & CW
6. being a youth minister
7. any summer at the lake

so its published a bit late... mishaps. :P


I love the Everyday song by Rascal Flatts, the first time I heard it I cried

1:21 AM  

the woman who wrote the song, alissa, i saw her in hawaii. she sang it there and announced rascal flatts had bought the rights and it would be on their cd. i gotta say, i didn't think anyone could do it justice as she did.
they do.
(but the first time.. always the best).

5:58 PM  

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