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stolen from amy.
wanted to post, but honestly, feeling a little more than drained right now.

I am: unsure of what steps to take next.
I think: its time for me to write the resume and figure out where i want to work
I want: the boards to be easier than i'm imagining
I wish: life was easier than it is
I hate: feeling like i've let people down or made them think things that weren't my intentions
I miss: pablo. and i haven't even seen him in 5 years.
I fear: failing.
I feel: low back pain. still.
I hear: typing
I smell: oxygen and nitrogen and general air-type scents
I crave: time alone and release. and a back massage. an actual, good, deep tissue massage. its been FAR too long...
I search: for real friends right now. since things haven't been the best lately with my boys...
I regret: only a few things
I love: my family and my friends
I ache: for duston right now...
I care: so much. possibly too much.
I always: can take a nap
I am not: perfect.
I believe: that God desires the greater good for His children
I sing: in the car and during karaoke with my class... :) awesomeness!
I cry: often
I fight: with only my brother. but i miss him a lot too.
I write: a lot.
I win: rarely
I lose: sometimes
I never: thought my life would be what it is. but that isn't a complaint.
I confuse: lots of things. particularly if my emotions are involved.
I can usually be found: at work.
I need: a nap, pain reliever, a vacation
I am happy about: my conversation with stephen today
I hope: that i will continue to remember that i am enough. as i am. and that is good enough.


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