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so i got called on this... and i'm slow...

i haven't *actually* introduced adam to you all (as my amy pointed out) so here goes.
adam, this is my blog. i write a lot of stuff on it and generally rant about things that irritate me, that i don't understand, that i want or need, and that i .. well when i have something to say i often say it here. this is probably a good site for you to bookmark. :) you may find out things you never thought you'd want to know...

everyone, this is adam.
he is the most spectacular man i have ever known. he is sweet, honest, genuine, and kind, thoughtful, funny, and all around perfect. he likes kids, loves animals, knows something about any topic you can throw at him, and reads like a fiend. he's friends with some of my friends and i've actually known him for much longer than we've been dating. i've been gushing about him to every person i speak to lately and they've just had to listen. he is tremendous. and i am lucky. and hopefully, i have realized my maniacity and stopped it before i ruin it all.

because he's really great. and honest to God, you will all LOVE HIM ... my parents already do!

(and for whatever reason, i feel i look terrible in this picture, and it has convinced me its time to cut the hair and do something with it.)

**Author's note**
I also forgot to introduce adam to everyone over there... --->
so here goes. adam, this is everyone whos blog i read. often.

abel- the son of two of my friends from college. he's 3-something, and cute and very entertaining. his mom and dad (the friends) write the posts, obviously. though i bet soon enough abel will be posting for himself. and letting us all know about scott's cooking and the music he's into.
amy- one of my first 'kids'. :) she's not a kid anymore, but will always be one of my kids. she got married last fall to a really nice guy, and she's just amazing. she's fun and funny and is a reminder that my days in youth ministry were worth it. :) because sometimes, it seems like its not. she is stronger than she thinks, and she gives me hope when sometimes i can't find it. and she's probably not even aware of it.
bethany- met her through my peej, more on him in a minute. she's a great writer, when she writes, is crazy in love with this guy aaron, and probably is the person i know with the strongest, unwaivering, freaking scream it out loud faith without being in your face about it ever after my grandma. someday we'll go up to rochester so you can meet both amy and bethany and their beloveds.
dooce- this is a woman i've never met but who's blog i read daily. her dog, chuck, is probably the only other dog i would actually steal (after sagey) and she is a tremendous writer, with a lot to say, and a heart i hope to have. she's awesome. her name is actually heather and someday i'd like to meet her and tell her thank you. for making motherhood actually seem plausible.
erin- a good friend of mine from my days as a youth. erin and i were on our first happening weekend together, she's been on all the conferences i was on as a youth and even a few as an adult. she lives in elmira, she's married to jason, she's smart (loves pi), funny, musically talented, gives of herself in a big way, and has been one of the few constants in my life since high school.
kate- another person i don't know. but i like her writing and her art.
maria- she and i worked together at shrine mont in virginia. she is really just an amazing woman. she has been everywhere and seen lots of things and done most all the cool stuff. she's probably a certified genius, is definitely a geek, and i adore her.
peej- ...i don't even know where to start other than to say that i love him. he's my best friend, he's wonderful, and i know you two will get along wonderfully. everyday i am grateful he is in my life. probably, its better to just read about him here.
sareet- yet another person i don't actually know, but she is, oddly, also from the west coast area, and has a dog i also adore. she and i met through our blogs, we communicate occaissionally and she helped 'bail me out of jail' last year when i was 'arrested' for the muscular dystrophy fund raiser. she is witty, loves her family, her boyfriend max, and her dog- pig. she also loves food. which of course endears her to me. we also have made tentative plans to begin a business, cross country, of doggy day care :)
scott- abel's dad, half of that couple i went to college with. he's a very talented musician, a great dad, and an all around great guy. he doesn't blog as much as he does on abel's page, but when he does, it has great insight and thought.
'thew- short for matthew- another college friend. we took astronomy together, skipped it a lot, barely passed it together, and generally spent time just hanging out. i think we went to ontario lake one day... :) and i know we were at niagra falls -on the canadian side- on july 4th the summer i lived at school.
currently thats everyone over there. leo's blog no longer exists so i took it off, and that sean guy, he moved his, so the link didn't go to much of anything... will update the list soon though.


Hi Adam!!! Its about time, and i am so happy for you. You look and sound amazingly happy.

3:54 PM  

Hey I'm Elizabeth. . .a random blogger like yourself. I also tend to babble not stop about the most random things!!! I loved your bio on your self!! I usually do have a point I just go the long way to get there! ~LOL~

ohhh yeah "NIce to meet you Adam!!"

11:57 AM  

"A is for Adam, which is how I sometimes feel; Like I'm the only man on Earth, and I've forgotten what that's worth," -From the amazing "Maybe You Should Drive" BNL album.
Adam, I should warn you: Kate is pretty great, but beware of the three times a month that she must peel off her face for the alien inside to breath and feed. It's kinda scary the first few times, but it's not so bad after a while. You will want to hide the cats, small dogs, and rodents that you care about during those times. ;-)

10:34 PM  

listen mister. you never got to see that happen. only shaun did. well and maybe kurt and heidi... probably kate too. but really, you missed out on that.
really though, what???

7:59 PM  

wow, only 3 times a month now kate? im proud! the antialien pills you've been taking must be good! or is it the aliens anon. group you're attending...

miss you;)

11:49 PM  

Hey Girl! Congrats! You still coming down this summer?!

7:17 PM  

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