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so i'm *supposed* to be writing a paper on how the ADA is being followed by organizations and companies...

but frankly, i've had it with the semester and am just going to wait for adam to get out of class and in the meantime have been on dooce's site going through her archive of feeds...
HOLY CRAP! funniest things ever...

there's this site of the 'things my boyfriend says'
i think that the megatron lovin and the extension cord gnawing religion are the funniest i've read thus far.
(i'm disrupting the people around me, (sorry girls!) so i must stop reading it and laughing OUT LOUD in the computer lab)

this dancing golden retriever is awesome.
when adam and i get a dog, we need to work on things like this. all schooling is laid waste in the joy of watching this pup and his mistress dance...

clearly the stewie one has my attention...
ahhh... i love stewie. like nothing else.

and then sometimes i think it would be ok to have a baby...
because i KNOW adam would do this. I KNOW HE WOULD!!! (don't anyone try to tell me otherwise) funnier too because i laugh in hysterical fits for no good reason myself. so... clearly, so would my child.

i think this might be pushing it on the training a dog phase but ... well you just need to watch it (you need about 10 minutes to watch it, but its worth it, i promise) plus, its one more thing about texas i can like... (i love peej)

i think this is more a tribute to my cousin. who at one point in her life loved these guys like no other teen girl in america. :)

we should all come up with our own indexes.... i'm a fan of this one

having suggested in a recent email that a bulldog would be a delight for us to own... please see this. as well, chuck is featured. and chuck, well i love chuck.

i've never "gotten" jackson pollack. but whatever. this is WAY Funner than trying to get him.

"33% Dixie. You are definitely a Yankee." are we stunned??? not so much.

motivational posters, of sorts. not your normal types. i like this one. i think i actually kinda need that one to occur in my brain.

wow. thats all i can say.

in tribute to the band... um, "band" i loved at the time my cousin was jonesing for NKOTB and a certain jordan knight, i loved these guys. regardless of the fact that they turned out to be complete fakes, i love them anyway.

and since brandon and i cannot watch this without laughter, i must post it. i LOVE the park- commence dancing!!!!!! (see 1:14) thing is, i TRULY love this song and stephanie mills. and i think of adam constantly when i hear it, so ... yeah. but it is the funniest, lowest budget video. after this one, which is far funnier. simply because her backup dancers are... well, you can see for yourself, they are SPECTACULAR! :)

wanted to post my favorite youtube ever.... just because this guy is awesome :)

also, i love this movie, and this scene.... :) so here it is

and lastly, and this wasn't one of dooce's, but i am fond of bjork in a weird way, and critters always make my day... so here's this one :) ready for a nap myself, but then, yeah i am IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!! so i get the wild-ness too ha ha ha ha!!


I am absolutely love that scene in 13 Going on 30!

2:41 AM  

so while you're at it... check this out...

i can't imagine you guys having done this at your wedding on one hand and on the other....

8:32 PM  

it's funny that you had to write a paper on how the ADA is being used by companies, and all WE talk about in law school is how the ADA is not used or used improperly. So, when I read that in your first sentence all I could think to myself was, "Do companies use the ADA correctly?" Law school is making me cynical...

10:16 PM  

well you know, letter of the law, spirit of the law... etc.
some try really hard, i measured wegs, and others not so much. and even though i think wegs has tried, there are some things they don't do so well. (i think the restroom doors require more power to open than they are legally supposed to but its hard to measure that. it might be ok)...
anyway yeah. you can see how much writing it is holding my interest...

9:01 AM  

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