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while i'm not feeling i need to accomplish quite so much...

i am thinking the birthday party isn't going to be so great. people haven't responded. those who actually have replied in some form are pretty much mostly no's or else maybes which are big, and i mean B-I-G maybes. like pj. i love you, but i know coming from texas for this is a thing you're probably not going to make. besides which, i want you to go to amy's wedding with me. so, its ok.

but really, it's not looking like that many people are coming. and its not so much that i'm trying to say lots of people should come and bring presents. though i like presents, i more just want to see people. and i want to know if they're coming.

and its not looking good. :(


I'm not sure if my response actually worked b/c I kept getting an error on myspace- I wanted to let you know that I would love to come, if I could, and that we HAVE to meet one day.

I think soemthing to bear in mind - an intimate bday party is just as nice as a big one! I've had big(ger) ones and smaller ones, and at the end of the day, the whole point is that you celebrate your bday and have fun with your friends. With smaller ones, there's much more bonding, and it's much more personal. Bigger ones - I tend to get lost in saying hi to everyone.

3:31 PM  

i agree with your point. i think i was just hoping for a big one this year. i know you would have come, same deal as my peej, distance is a factor...
but i think having had a lot of quiet family birthdays in the last few years, i just wanted a slightly bigger one.
i'm just grumpy with the lack of reply from people...
wah wah wah.
ok. i need to stop now.
at least i'm no longer *freaking out* about being 30... i've calmed down.
we do have to meet, and pig too. someday i'll make it to cali...

9:57 PM  

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