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some days spring seems like it's so close...

last week, every morning, i awoke to find snow on the ground. i will admit, it didn't last through the day, but still it was there.

also last week, on tuesday i think, i saw my first robins. when my grandmother was alive we used to have this 'battle' each spring as to who would see the first robin. and every year i would call her as soon as i spotted my first one (i mean literally, i would run to a phone and call her immeadiately). and every year she would say 'oh, i saw one __________(yesterday/last week/two weeks ago)' and i would say something about why hadn't she told me, and she said because she wanted me to think i saw it first. ... she was very funny.

she was also a basketball fan and baseball (that ended when the guys started wearing gold chains around their necks). and we'd argue about the knicks. she wasn't a fan of larry johnsons. grr. but regardless, my grandma was an awesome woman. she was funny and had been a nurse and an army captain. she met my grandfather during the war when she was in africa, she adored her grandmother and made kolachkis. she called me 'dolly' and i was, and i've been told this by everyone who knew us, the light of her life. (well, until steven came along, then we were the light...)

and every spring, when i see that first robin, i miss her all the more.


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