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good things about today and some other stuff

so today started great- here's why
found a new list to make, updates on that soon. :)

heard a report that basically gives me liscense to sleep more :) because apparently lack of sleep causes you to become more stupid (lack of sleep is a big issue as to why my grades probably were what they were in college the first time), sick (yes i can see this, i get headaches when i wake up too early and haven't slept enough), and fat (another one i can totally see, hello!) so i will now be sleeping even more, or at least going to bed earlier. yay!

and i heard 2 really great songs back to back on the way to the chiropractor (another yay! no neck pain today!). take on me (woo for a-ha! and 80's music!) and collide, howie day. yay!

so anyway, have had a good day today. also, got a 96 on the last bio test, very excited! and rick and i bickered last night, but that resulted in really talking about things and so it's good :)

in other brief, but very happy news, my brother and the infamous young lady we all love went out last week, so reports mom. am not saying anything about it, but am SO EXCITED! (if he gets married before me will be less excited.)


My brother got married before me, and it wasn't bothersome (it was bothersome in the fact that they got married because she was pregnant, and I didn't think that was a good reason to get married, but the iea of him getting married first didn't bother me).

Now the thing that has been a little bothersome is them giving birth to their second unplanned child, while my husband's and my attempts to become pregnant continue to not pan out. That sucks.

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