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melissa, steven, and life this week

(actually, it'll be in the reverse order, oh well)

this week has been insanely hectic. i am in school, 2 science classes, 2 jobs, one which gives me health ins. as long as i work at least 17.5 hours a week (which means i have to keep track and be sure i have worked the req. number of hours at both, so... let's count it up, 8 hours in class, 8 hours out of class, 19.5 hours at the church, at least 17. 5 (this week has been past 20 so far) ... 55-ish hours so far, and that's since sunday, and its friday, 144 hours... surprisingly i have actually been out of work and home or elsewhere the majority of this week. it's funny, since i feel like all i do is work and go to class. :)
i've started the quilt class. which is actually wed. not tues. we went, we cut some fabric, we sewed a tiny bit, and have a bunch of things to do for homework.
so (to end my whiny-ness) i have fabric to cut and sew before wed, i have a chem test monday, that i'm not ready for, and i have a bio test on wed. again, not ready yet. i know the cancer and bones aspects, and that's it. muscles, i don't know half of what i should. sheesh.

anyway, enough of the fussing. steven got a job in albany, is moving this weekend. and while he was up there looking for an apartment last week apparently ran into someone. this someone has been in his life since kindergarten. this person is awesome and my mom and i love this person a lot. .... the person is erica. steven has adored her literally since they met. in fact, in kindergarten announced he was in love with her. since then, they have had alternating crushes and the fact that he ran into her, completely unplanned, had no idea she was there, they'd kind of lost touch, is AWESOME. we love erica. and i'm not saying anything should happen, but i will say, mom and i would be THRILLED if it did. we love her!! :)

while i get ready for school/work on thursdays and fridays i watch dr phil or live with reg and kelly and ellen. :) love her! this morning i was watching/listening to live with regis and kelly. and they said melissa etheridge would be on. well, she came on while i was taking a bath. (love baths). so i didn't actually see her. but she sang. and she sang this. and i had tears. and i love her even more. please go and buy the cd. support breat cancer research and help find a cure for this disease.

even more wonderful, it made me proud of my mom. and although it isn't breast cancer that got to my aunt susan, her too. what i wish now, was that this cyberknife that is now available to treat brain tumors and tumors too close to the spine for normal surgeries had been available 6 years ago. she'd still be here now.... i miss her a lot.


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