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got back from the youth conference. pictures are coming.
but in the meantime i thought i would share a present i received from one of the youth (YAY LEAH) already.
she's awesome by the way....

thanks to leah and everyone who attended who made it so great. it really was probably the best conference i've ever been on. including those as a youth. which means, current youth -> future adults of the cny diocese, you have MUCH to look forward to...
also, would like to thank bossman page at wegs 73 for not (amazingly) scheduling me yesterday and today, which gave me needed time to finish mass quantities of work for the church. now, if i could only get them excited about the future plans, life would be even better....


I don't know ... I don't think you can get just the right spin out of this chair like the ones at White Eagle.

1:47 PM  

i think we should get these....


they are awesome!!!

2:10 PM  

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2:52 PM  

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