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file under: bizarre dreams
or maybe just 'why kate shouldn't watch csi before bed'

if you saw last night's episode, which i am sure was a repeat, you know it was about a prostitute who at first was lost, and turned up dead. and it was the friend of the captain's daughter.

so my waking up dream was that this was a local occurance, and the now dead girl was rick's last girlfriend before he met me.

let me just say that this upset me on so many levels. and needless to say, even though i woke up and knew it was a dream, i was still upset.

again, this is why i shouldn't watch shows with any type of gore in them. because of how the girl died, it stuck with me. and grossed me out. and that's why i had this dream. STOP WATCHING THESE SHOWS KATE!!!

except that mr. dourdan is wonderful to watch. :) mmmm


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