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you should go to postsecret it's amazing... the one i really don't know what to think of/do with/etc is the one about the person who who said 'everyone who knew me before 9/11 thinks i'm dead.'


the rest, i can see a bit of myself in most.


Okay, this may seem random...but I have gotten to your blog through Amy's...the bestest girl I've ever met. And well anyway...I found your 50 things about you list and discovered that you know of Brook's chicken in Oneonta...are you from near there? or just know of the real good chicken? Ha ha, I live about 30 minutes from there...just curious. and well yeah, I apologize that this is so random. But I have enjoyed your comments to Amy...she always keeps us entertained.

10:36 PM  

i live in binghamton (area) and grew up spending my summers on arnold lake in milford NY (which as you know is right near oneonta....) and brooks is the best chicken ever! we used to go there all the time and always made trips after to either friendly's or the polar bear (which is no longer there). mmmmm
if you live 30 mins from oneonta, how do you know amy??

10:48 PM  

I was blessed with meeting Amy during college in Rochester.
Small world :)

8:17 AM  

i met amy in college too. except i was the one in college and she was in elementary school. but technically, we met in college. ha!

7:14 AM  

I guess we are each giving eachother some publicity huh?Who is this anonymous person who thinks I am "the bestest girl" MB is that you?
Did you really meet me when I was in elementary school? has it been that long? Are you that old? Haha just kidding I love you Kate

12:07 AM  

yes, miss amy. you were in fifth grade and singing... some songs in the musical 'good kings come in small packages' (or something to that effect. or is it affect. either way, that's the gist. you had a solo or two i believe. and it was the story of josiah. and i did a little choreography with you all (marisa and alisa and the crew) and we sang the song 'make me a servant' in sign language and you all (well actually, i think you weren't there) at the 'foot' service some sunday. i have pictures as proof. i am SO old!!! (i'm dating someone in their thirties. ACK! i'm almost 30!!!!!!!!omg!!!)

3:40 PM  

I can't believe how stupid you are.

1:42 PM  

Things taken out of the context of a situation shouldn't be put in a blog of an emptyheaded person.

1:43 PM  

apparently my stupidity is shining through, because if you have something to say, you need to say it more clearly.

10:51 PM  

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