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darn annie.

she got me on friendster and i am hooked. (see the places you should go over there ->). i am looking for people i haven't seen or talked to in years. and it's partially because i got an email from someone i haven't seen or talked to in at least 6 years. probably longer. i've been out of college for that long and he's been awol for at least 2 years prior to my college graduation.

it's crazy. but the thing is, i've found some people i never intended to lose in my life... and i did.

no regrets, just wistfulness. and thankfulness to annie and eamon. annie for planting websites in my brain and eamon for finding me after all this time. i've missed you guy.

(and shameless ad for friendster, you should go to it and sign up, it's so entertaining to find long lost friends and relations. i found my 'cousin' collin on it. which reminds me, discovered i'm cousins to one of the girls i work with at wegs. how awesome is that???!??!?!? love monica!!)


That Annie...what a pain in the neck she is! I don't even know why you are friends with her! (But I think it's because even after all these years, she is still EXTREMELY cute and her hair's still red!)

10:14 AM  

Yeah, I've totally rediscovered a few childhood friends on friendster and orkut. Grrreat. :)


4:30 PM  

that is true, annie is still cute :) and her hair is red!
she is fun :) she lives to far away though... she should come back to NY

8:19 PM  

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