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so this past weekend i was up visiting my baby... and once again stayed until sunday. which is something i love to do. the part i don't love is the waking up at 5:30 or 6 and driving home to get back for church in time for our 9:30 service.
for some reason i'm not ready to go to bed at 9 pm on saturday... probably because i typically sleep in saturday morning until 9 or 9:30, meaning i'm not ready for bed 12 hours later. who is? so i don't hit the pillows until late, midnight or so. and then waking up like 5 hours later is so not good for me.

i am not a morning person. i never have been. i enjoy staying up late, i enjoy doing things at night, going out, working on things, etc. i tend to be more creative then. so waking up early isn't pretty.

add to that little sleep, and not only am i cranky because of lack of zzz's, but i am actually ill. not kidding here, i feel horribly sick to my stomach when i haven't had enough sleep.

so far, rick has been a doll about things. he gets up and makes me a little 'take along' breakfast. fruit and jouce and all. and ignores my whining and crankiness. thankfully.

the thing is, this is all just from being overtired. what happens when we're married and i'm pregnant. morning sickness, i've heard is the worst thing ever.

so on top of my morning aversion...

good luck rick.

:) i love you!!


oh dear god hun, i TOTALLY misread your post. thought you said you WERE pregnant and married. ::phew::

dont get me wrong, id be thrilled for either or both... but come on... at least invite me to the wedding!

2:44 AM  

ha ha ha, sorry pip, didn't mean to frighten... i'm so not pregnant. i really don't want to be either.
nope, no babies. although i love the name aidan... cormac too.

no, no babies.
ha ha ha

11:31 AM  

ok... we completely skipped the whole married thing....


2:45 AM  

not married. talking about it, but not yet. relax. :)

4:50 PM  

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