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so our senate investigations committee has discovered that the information congress and our president were given that led us into this mess of a war (all war is a mess, i'm not suggesting otherwise), was incorrect. that sadaam's threat to the us nuclear power was nil. that thousands of people have died, for naught.

and again, i have to wonder, who are these people running our country? how did they get into positions where they can decide that we go to war without fully researching our 'just cause'?

and how is it that there are still people of voting capability who believe this group of very powerful people should continue in their posts?

on my way in to work last week i saw a bumper sticker on a car that made me smile.

'like father like son, one term and bush is done'

i am grateful i have not lost one of my family, or my kids, or my beloved. and hopefully i never will. but so many other families are not as lucky.

every sunday as we are saying the prayers of the people, fr. ralph asks the congregation to pray for the xxx# of soldiers who have died in iraq. every week that number goes up. every week more lives are lost and more lives devastated by those losses. i am not saying we hold bush personally responsible for the deaths. on the other hand, he sent us there.

every day my prayers go out to the families of our military and our civilians who have died in this never ending war. and i think of the kids there who are just so small. these little people who are innocent, kind, loving, and perfect. like my kids. many more need to die?

i feel like that old song, 'how many deaths will it take till we know that too many people have died?'

if the answer is in the wind, let it knock bush down.


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