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i'm trying a new format... and so far, i'm into it.
pink has become my new favorite color. i used to hate pink. but lately... and maybe this is me becoming girlie? or my desire to support breast cancer RESEARCH? or maybe it's the fact that pink makes you look more tan :) whatever it is, i'm all about it... and so we'll see how i do getting this page to make some sense soon...

wish me luck.

and i'd like to say to the freak who posted a bizarre comment and obviously is an idiot, screw you.


What kind of a sick freak are you? Why would you support breast cancer? I'm totally against it. It kills hundreds of thousands of women every year. I personally know people that have died from breast cancer. I just can't believe that there's such sick people out there like you that would support such a horrible horrible thing!

2:39 AM  

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