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i receive relevent magazine when they remember i'm a subscriber. but i have read the last two pretty fully. and i read ads too. which i know not everyone does. but i do, and relevent is pretty 'up' on what's going on. ... and one of the ads in both the last two issues has been about philp yancey's book, what's so amazing about grace. and it seems phil has written, or rather, re-created his very popular book as a visual version. there's a website too.

but my point in writing right now, is about the ads he's had in relevent. i haven't yet seen the book, so i'm simply going by the pages in front of me. it's pretty awesome. i highly recommend anyone looking it over to see what it's showing... it's got one line in particular that got my attention. 'we're all bastards but God loves us anyway.'

i know that using the word bastard isn't maybe necessary, but in a way, we are. we're all loved exactly as we are though. and that is the amazing thing about grace. so i'd like to applaud mr. yancey on his choice of answer to the original question.

the amazing thing about grace is that we have any. that God stoops to such a bizarre and sad level to raise us up from the ashes of our own disasters and holds us close and says we'll be ok.

there is no greater thing in all the world than love. and God's is the only thing that can rescue us from the messes we're in. ...and as i look around and read the paper and see the news and think on what's going on in my own life as well as the world, i can only rest because of that love. the war, senseless and destructive at this point can bring about good only if people can choose to love each other as children. the mess at my beloved thornfield can only be saved in my mind if i remember the good times and the love generated there. the upset over my Church's general convention vote can be calmed when we slow down and say, 'wait, we're here to love.'

i know i hold very little in the way of answers. i'm aware of my inadequacy on so many levels... but at the end of the day, i think i need to give myself a little bit of props in the love department. i love everyone. i see children in the eyes of the obnoxious customers. i see someone's child, someone's mother or brother as i look at the people who cut me off and are rude to me on the phone and who could care less about me... and i can only love with God's love. i have little else. and i suppose, when all is said and done, i need little else.

(i need rick though, and my mom. and my dad and steven. brently and trish. but not much else really.) :)


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