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i've been feeling pretty good about things in general lately. missing the boy, but otherwise, moving ahead with ... well, everything else. the church people and i met last week, ... that's all right. it could be better, but in the meantime, i'm not holding my breath. i've re-worked the resume and will continue to send it out and look for other work in a ... different place ;)

the other jobs are all right. overall, work-wise, i just feel as though i'm back in control of my life. i know that for a long time, i sort of relinquished control. and although i admit i felt victimized and was in some ways, my letting go of control and allowing my circumstances to have control, wasn't a good move.

so as far as work goes, i'm back in the drivers seat. (who came up with that phrase anyway, i get it... but it's kind of dumb too).

my car, is still my car. having his issues. and trundling along.

my family... mom's getting healthier everyday. and i'm lucky because i get to keep her. everyone else is all right, busy, but all right.

and the boy. why did it take so long for us to be? what was it that happened in those months that needed to happen in order for us to be what we are? because quite honestly, not much had changed for me, and maybe i wasn't fully ready for him sooner, but dammit i miss him and the distance is so hard. and i ... am being silly.

i suppose all in all, this is an 'update post'. i don't have anything exciting to share at the moment. and nothing tragic has occurred either. i will say something else, the diocese, ... well the youth in the diocese, remind me often why i went into youth ministry. they are really something else. i'm lucky i get to work with them.

now, if only the weather would stay nice...... :) wishful thinking i know.


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