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so i should elaborate on the previous post, but i think it speaks for itself.

sometimes i question the mentality behind my moving home... stupid snow and sinus valley. dammit.

anyway, i haven't posted anything of substance in a while and it's mainly due to the hecticness i call living. i have been in almost constant motion and it's taken some serious illness to knock me around and make me slow down. *sigh* things that have been happening lately.... of my military 'worries' was home over the thanksgiving weekend. and let me say, the joy that swallowed me in seeing that face and hearing that voice was tremendous and swallowed me whole. if nothing else goes right for the rest of the year, seeing jon makes it tollerable. how deeply i love...
...b. and i ... are better.
...have talked to my brother numerous times over the last few weeks and realized how much i miss him. how often i think of him and don't even realize it when i do. he's so much a part of me, and colorado is so far. but it's been good to talk to him. he won't be home for christmas, which is sad and i do miss him and will miss him more then. but the open communication is a big plus. kids in cny crack me up. i've suddenly found myself co-leading the diocesan youth committee and i'm grateful that cam. pushed me into it. the crew i now know, awesome. and the ways i'm involved now... so happy to be home.
...tim, z, leo, the rest of my southern friends... hearing their voices and knowing friendships remain years after they begun. i love you z. and leo and timmy rock my world. church, albeit in a bit of chaos, is finding it's way. and i'm happy to be a part of this parish as it forages ahead.
...val's birthday, my girl val that is, not valmarie in the north (she knows who she is). HAPPY BIRTHDAY VALERIE!!! you're awesome rector val! whoop whoop! your caritas is gonna be something amazing, just wait!
...sagey puppa and jenna ~ i have recently found more film and had it developed, and holy pictures of miss j. and the pup. :) but how much i miss them ... i never thought i would miss them like this. sometimes i think i want kids when i realize how cool jenna really is, and how much cooler she is going to be as she gets older. i'm thankful i was in her life for a while.

i guess that is it for the moment. i'm going to get warm and snuggly under some blankets and have something hot to drink. and maybe something chocolaty to eat too... mmmm chocolate. so yes, bronchitis sucks. but being snuggled inside and being able to take a couple of days to get better is wonderful. and i am thankful.


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