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my mom

my mom and i drive each other crazy sometimes. we're a lot alike and very different in that i am my father's daughter as well and am very like him. thereby, mom and i crash into each other occaissionally. regardless of this, my mom is vital to my life. she is my source for wisdom and strength and things i can't put into words. she is everything to me.

i am my father's daughter in many ways. but i am my mom's child so much more. i don't know if it's that we have the only biological connection to one another or what it is. or if that is even anything to think about. biologically, i'm all she knows. and there's always the mother daughter connection. the understanding of girl stuff that as much as my dad loves me, he doesn't get. (cramps are well understood as are the hormones and so on. my dad's girlfriend and i have a connection as well that my dad wouldn't get, despite the fac that he's the reason it exists...)

i don't know what it is. but my mom, she is my life.

i have seen people i adore leave us all behind. i have seen friends lose parents. susan is the closest i have been to losing a parent. and that is the closest i ever want to be. without my mom... i couldn't function. there is no way i would be able to move on without my mom.

so please God, i know you listen to me but right now... you need to hear me. i can't lose my mom. so no matter what else happens... don't take her away.

i think that's all i can say right now.


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