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i've been accused of a lot of things in my life. being too emotional. being someone who talks too much or is too quiet. being messy. being organized. a lot of things that typically contradict themselves. but never anything that is, in my view, detrimental to my character. yesterday however i was accused of saying something i haven't said. well let me rephrase, i was accused of saying things that i haven't said to anyone that matters to the individual doing the accusing. and am basically being called out on a lie that i didn't tell. the person doing the accusing however, is the one who lied. ....

i know that sounds really bizarre.

the point however is this, i don't lie. i haven't lied. i just don't lie. i don't make up things to cover my ass or make myself look good to anyone else. i am who i am and that's pretty much it. take me at face value or don't take me at all. ....and yesterday, really hurt. i wasn't expecting to be verbally attacked yesterday. i was beginning to feel settled in my life as it's becoming. i was excited about having seen old friends at the reunion this weekend, i loved seeing people who matter to me and who i know i matter to.... the long and the short of it, i was beginning to get over b.

and now, i'm angry, upset, and hurt. what do i have to do to get this guy out of my life??? it's over. it's been over. long before i knew it. but i do now, and .... enough is enough. b.
and thank God for chris.


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