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proud to be episcopal

over the last month or so, i personally have had some disillusionment about my church. however, in light of the recent national events, and in light of some comments made by people (either in authority or as someone i hold dear to my heart) i want to make a statement.

i am proud to be episcopalian. the decisions my church made at the general convention this summer, both to elect an openly gay bishop to the state of new hampshire, and to bless gay marriages is one i will stand by. my church is taking a step that is a dangerous one. i know i am taking my own dangerous step in stating this... that it may in fact alienate friends and people i truly love. honestly, i will simply have to respect them if their choice is to walk away from a friendship... but i believe in the episcopal church. i believe they are doing what christ has asked us to do.

love everyone.

love our neighbors as ourselves. love unconditionally. love. simply that, nothing more.

my respect goes to the bishops i personally know, bishop adams, bishops shand, and bishop lee, who voted for bishop robinson at convention. my thanks as well. i believe that each of you, though you may face opposition from your priests and difficulties in your dioceses, have done the best thing possible.

while the bible states, in the old testament, that sodomy is wrong and sinful in the eyes of God, the bible also clearly states, through Jesus' own words that we are to love each other. if we are to do that, tearing people and churches down is not the way to show love. i am deeply hurt and offended by the people who have chosen to stand for something hateful. not only as a friend of certain fabulous gays in my life, but as a child of God, who stands in awe of the creatures He created and the love they harbor... even for those who do not love them.

my deepest love to my friends. their sweet lives has taught me so very much.


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