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10 years

unbelievable to me that it's been that long.
10 years ago today was when i found out gary had died. last year i posted a long... memorial of sorts.

i'm not going to do that today. you can go back to last august to read the whole deal if you want.

today is for him.

gary, i missed you today. just like i do everyday. i missed those eyes, that laugh, that voice. ... those hands. i missed the way you would talk about your mom. i missed the songs you'd sing. i missed the 'mystang'. i missed the tennis shoes and ties. i missed the way you'd wear them together. i missed most of all, the fact that you never failed to make my life better every time i had any contact with you. may i remember that, and try to make those i love happier when i have contact with them. may i try to make life a little easier on those around me. and may i always remember the life i have chosen to live has my own angel in it. ...i would have chosen a different path if it were not for you in my life. i still wish you were here to see it all with me. i love you.


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