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boy crazy, boy obsessed

it seems like i am lately, but i really am not. there is so much else going on, it really doesn't look like it, but i promise there is...

i've been lucky enough to be spending time with people who are awesome, and who love me. and most recently, this is so fun for me because i thought he was still in the mountains somewhere, one of my best friends from high school happens to be home. he's going into the army, oi, but is home for the next few months anyway and that is awesome, i think we haven't seen each other in probably 2 years, or more. yay! so we're making plans. and i've been happily getting the 'checking in on you' phone calls from a certain tim, who is just cute that he does check on me. and apparently he's been living a much wilder life than i could ever want to in my own... wow. :) miss him lots. and mom and step dad came home, which is a major joy for me, because the house is so far in the middle of nowhere, at least to me, that i have been hearing strange noises and thinking it's the bear. yikes. but they're home and we're all taking a random trip to NJ this weekend for a fiesta with friends of theirs from the ski club they met through. :)

have seen many of my kiddies from CPC and saw finding nemo, so cute. have hung out with mi bambino taylor and her family, which is always my favorite group of people to be with when home, they rock. :) always always always a joy. good thing miss addie is still a baby, there'd be serious competition in the cutest kid category if they were the same age. my babies in VA head of to college this weekend, so i'm excited for them, and will miss them when i go back to st james. (will try to make it to richmond for you kathleen).

and in other news, most exciting, (drumroll...)

have a phone interview tomorrow with camp speers in PA which would land me in a position where i'd be teaching outdoor education year round. how fun is that?? keep all fingers crossed.

and most wonder~full pookie of mine will be in the vicinity in the next few days, or so i've heard, and that's awesome because i haven't seen her in about 6 months and miss her like crazy. ok, i's been 3. but still. happy to be home now, more than i was, and feeling like i am accomplishing more now than i've been the last few weeks. lucky that i have people who love me so much.

many thanks.


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