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best things in life...

emails from people far away, in a war you don't agree with, saying they're ok.

friends telling you they love you, no matter what, and standing by through the worst possible situations... i love pookie.


good books, harry potter #5, awesome. :)


conklin presbyterian church. my church family, for always.

listening to your kids sing...

smiles and hugs and thoughts from people who you don't expect them from.

brach's candy corn.

hawleyton house.

sunshine, and rain.

goldfinches, particularly when they're feeding upside down.

baby girl t. and her family too. all of them.


mom and step dad.

dad and t.




syd, clark, and baby addie. josie too.

the martins. including wallace and mirran.

tim. definitely tim. more than he could possibly know...

chai, jon-e and kris, mattie too.

email from someone you thought you'd never hear from again. ::hugs to pete::

i am so thankful. in the midst of want and plenty, pray. i am. but this time the prayers are being filled with thanks. for the friends i have. the family i have. the support i'm being shown in this... whatever it is. for what i know to be true. and for what i know in my heart. i am blessed in so many ways to have the people i do in my life. thankful that they have been in my life, in the ways and for the years they have been there. at this ...point in my life, i am being shown the affect i have had on others' lives. the love i've been shown, the care and concern and all the wonderful things that go with it, ...i know i must have been doing something right to be this lucky. whenever i do get my own jack russell, unless i steal sagey kins, i am naming it ndugu. because i think, in more ways than i knew, i have affected lives in a positive way... i have done good things, i have made a difference. otherwise, i wouldn't be all right right now, ... i'd already be... ...yeah.


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