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pooh bear

everyone who knows me knows i have a soft spot for that bear. i always have. he's cute. who doesn't love him, i mean deep down... how can you not???
regardless, miss j. and i were reading a book entitled pooh's best friend... and pooh goes around asking what makes a best friend.
eeyore tells him it's someone who doesn't forget your birthday.
tigger says it's someone who sticks around even when they've been bounced.
kanga says it's someone who is kind and thoughtful.
owl says it's a person you can talk to about anything.
roo tells pooh it's someone you can play with.

i have to say, pooh knows in his heart it's piglet. of course. pooh books become predictable when you're older.
but for me, it's always been pookie. she is my very best friend. we talk about anything and everything. we talk at all hours. she is accepting phone calls from me, yes she has, at 3 am. pookie is so kind, and so much more thoughtful to remember things about me, and not just my birthday. and she's stuck by through so much b.s. i'm lucky to have her still.
so this is my ode to pookie.... :)

i love you pookie kins. i am lucky to have you. i am blessed to know you. even more so to know that you care for me.
you are the greatest!!! himiny!! yay forever...
and the best part is, you understand those words, the joke behind it, and how funny it is, but know that it's the only way to say i love you best.


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