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chai and chai snobs

many people have been to starbucks, and to various other coffee houses that sell, among coffee and various other teas, chai. chai is a black tea made from various spices, including often cinnamon, darjeeling teas, clove, cardamom & ginger. it is excellent tea. being a black tea, it also harbors a lot of caffine. HOWEVER, anything made at any coffee house does not in any way come close to the way chai is supposed to be made. they steam milk, add some flavoring that sort of resembles chai, and then hand it to you. sometimes, the boil water and steep chai tea bags in it.
these are not true chai.

this is where chai snobs come into the picture.

chai snobs are those people who have had, the real deal. real chai, pulling no punches. knowing that the best is out there.

the best, brewed by kenyan people, boiling milk, allowing chai tea to steep in the milk. a little sugar. you've got chai.

but truly, the best part of it all is to come. the drinking of the chai with those who made it, lovingly, for you.

to matt and jon-e, my thanks for making me a chai snob. much love to you and your lovely wives. we miss you and the lasagne days so very much. ::hugs::


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