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for most of my growing up, my family had a tradition at new years. we would either pack up and head to syracuse for new years at our cousins, or they would pack up and come to us. now that i'm grown, i still go there. in addition, the grown-ups had a tradition of making predictions, i think dave berry started it with some article he wrote ages hence... in the grand tradition, we have carried this on, and my last years predictions... well here's a few to see what happened....

~ osama will get what he deserves, (but the US will continue to be everyone's big brother and not take care of our own.)
i believe this continues... and our children continue to starve... for food, love, education.

~ my brother will graduate college and get an awesome job where i can work for him and he'll pay me to be his emcee
yes, my brother grad'd in july, however, he is not working at a job where he can hire his sister on...

~ mom and stepdad will get married. soon. and i will cry at the wedding. lots.
they did. i cried.

~ ryan and pat will clean up after themselves.
~ pat really will learn how to do dishes... and get some culture.
~ ryan will drag himself away from the Xbox long enough to realize it's time to get a JOB. (and clean the house).

these are more for the boys who do not know how to clean up nor do they have any culture. still.

~ the yankees, who did now have a good ending to a phenominal season, will go on to the world series 2002, and will win. with paul o'neil watching from the sides and cheering them on. because he's great like that.
so they didn't go much less win. so sue me, i was wrong. it happens.

~ the knicks, who have now lost everything after patrick's betrayl last season, larry's retirement, and gundy's leaving, will continue to suck. and i won't watch them do so anymore.
(because it is too depressing now).

it still is. i can't watch them. sob sob.

~ the woodster will find a new friend, since the loss of his beloved gracie.
~ spot, who's groove returned last year, will show kate how to find hers.

more nonsense. generally bizarre. being in my family is always bizarre.

so now we are on to the predictions of 2003... what to think of our year. it's been a rough one for many. our soldiers are off fighting battles we don't agree with, our president is doing his best, despite my disagreements with his opinions in many areas of policy. the snipers appear to have been caught and in the wake of it all, white vans still frighten us and our kids are so protected from our world, they can't be kids. .... yeah, i have a lot of opinions. regardless.... for 2003 i would like to make the following predictions.
~ i will end my nanny-ing career and find the perfect job, working with kids, and giving them the best opportunities i can.

~ b. will love GA, and everything will work out for the best.

~ woody will begin a new career as a human psychic (vs a pet psychic because he is a cat after all) and earn millions, allowing mike to retire and finally relax.

~ spot who has taught many to find their groove, will become a best selling author, allowing debi to retire (although debi will have to help spot somewhat as spot/scott doesn't have fingers to type with.....)

~ mlle's.j and s will no longer go balistic over petty things such as picking up a shoe. (ok, this already didn't happen, so i was wrong)

~ s.a.f. will have a fabulous time in africa and come home safe and sound.

~ my kids, all of them and i think the number is up in the 2 or 3 hundreds now, will do well in school, remember what they've been taught (michael), and do the best they can to be jesus to others. as though i actually need to remind them of this???

~ my beloved knicks will continue to do poorly, but i will still love them. even if i can't watch because it saddens me so...

~ my yanks will make a comeback. probably not to world series status, but will recover dramatically after the devistation felt by all NY'ers.... what is with them???

~ the pope will continue to make a difference in the world. but the catholic church at large will get a hold on the child abuse scandal and send boston's bish AWAY. bad bad man.

~ pat will return. and we'll throw a huge party to celebrate. because we miss him. a lot.

~ mom and step dad will spend a majority of the summer traveling, and mom will decide this is her last year teaching.

~ dad and t. will finish all the major home improvements they have been working on for so long and be able to write their own books on the practice.

~ syd and clark will have a daughter and name her after me. :)

~ the snipers will be convicted. no contest.

~ miss thang (violet) will be walking in two months and talking in 6-8 :) (add that to the list mike!)

~ osama will be found. alive so we can put him where he belongs. not that i'm angry or filled with any hate. i just think he's a bad bad man too.

~ the medical society will find a cure for ovarian/uteran cancer. (i can hope can't i?)

~ my grandparents will celebrate 60 fabulous years in december. and we (the kiddies) will throw them one huge bad ass party.

~ my big fat greek wedding will win an oscar for something, because it's done so darn well :) lord of the rings will win something too, but i'm not sure what. they could probably clean up. orlando bloom will win for best supporting actor... :)

~ j.k. rowling will finally grace the literary world with harry potter #5 and we'll see harry doesn't die. because he can't. what kind of hero would that be? honestly.

~ some of us, and we know who we are.... will walk away from things that aren't working in our lives BECAUSE they aren't working and will realize how much better we are without those things/PEOPLE/behaviors/attitudes/JOBS/etc.

~ a certain someone will find some passions in their life and realize i'm not stressed all the time. just a little more passionate that a doormat.

~ a certain other someone in my life ... well, will remain a certain someone. but with a little more significance.... :)

~ i will get in touch with the people i plan to get in touch with because i've lost touch as i am a bad friend at times... no, they just got married/went to work on PhD's/moved farther away/whatever.... i can't seem to find them and stay in touch... must work on that one.

we won't go to war with korea, we'll let them take care of their own business and will start taking care of our own... education, education, education, care, and general well being of our children. since we can't seem to get it through our heads how inconsistant and hypocritical we really are. as a whole. not everyone...

~ i forgot to add this one... my pookie will graduate in may with her MSW, and we will have one incredible party to celebrate, and she will be able to relax. :) as well, my friend jon will finally graduate too. i hope.

so there is my thoughts for the year. i have a feeling i will add to it at some point. but maybe not. maybe i'll leave al my predictions to occur in january... and let the year unfold.


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