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i am hopeful...

that any of my family reading this hasn't been offended or hurt by what i've said about divorce and my own feelings towards it. that is exactly it, i understand my parents' divorce now, i understand what has happened, i love them both and am thankful that they are both happy, i am so very happy for them each and for their and my new families....
however, that doesn't mean that i think divorce is a horrid thing to go through. or that i am thankful to have lived through it.
i would trade it all, the wisdom i have gained, the happiness and understanding i have of my parents as people, if only we could be one family again. i also WOULDN'T trade my parents happiness for it though. i am glad they are who they are and are happy now as they are. i would never want their unhappiness.
i just am selfish and want my own.
sorry to those who thought i was self-less, i'm not. i try sometimes, but i'm not perfect. my kids can tell you that. they know.
i have just gotten a massage, and wow, did i need to be beat up. the pain i've been in is ridiculous, ...for those who don't know, i have pinched a nerve in my R. shoulder/T-spine, very painful. and although i was popped into shape a few weeks ago by my favorite chiropractor (dr dale r fluegel, see him if you're sore!!!) it's been a few weeks, i slept funny, and i really needed to go in a couple more times to get it back to normal.
regardless, i am far more relaxed and feeling tremendously better now and i must say, i am serious about the massage therapy, and i'm looking into it ... right now. :)
hope all are having a good day.


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