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Just thought I should post a bit more often. Here be the puppa again :) Her face sometimes cracks me up, and other times I just want to love on her all day long.

She is so sweet and is doing so good. Tanka has grown to about 22lbs, and let me tell you, she's not a fan of stairs (though she climbs on everything) ...Well she doesn't like to go down the stairs, up is ok. But lugging her down the steps is not the most fun one could have in a day.


I am so in love with Tanka. What is the breed of this puppkin?

and you know HOW BADLY I have been dying to get a puppkin myself. Wanna name her millie.

isn't that cute? I just love love love your sweet bloggity.

4:37 PM  

Tanka is an English Bulldog- She is so sweet and such a good pup. I'm hoping to be a good puppy parent, and give her a good home with Cesar Milan-type leadership :)

I love the name Millie!! So cute!!

I love your Blog too!

(too many exclamation points. must control that.)

7:13 PM  

I don't know how Cesar does it. He blows my mind. My puppy will probably be like me.

(how scary is that, what with all my bladder control issues and everything.)


2:50 PM  

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