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I Love the Face of Christ I See

A while back my friend Annie shared this story with me:

At their recent meeting, the bishops of the Episcopal Church were joined by the Primates of Papua New Guinea and Central Africa. After participating in the Holy Eucharist, Archbishop Bernard Malango of Central Africa said that he was interested in the way we in the American Church pass the Peace: "The Peace of the Lord be always with you." He found this meaningful, but also shared with the other bishops something that happens in his country. There, he told them, the custom is to take the hand of the person next to you, to look in that person's eyes, and say, "I love the face of Christ I see."

It's from this sermon -by the Rev. Barbara Beam. I take no credit for the words. However, I will say we used this on a youth event and I can guarantee that the young people who were there, remember it every time they pass the peace in their churches. :)

Many days at my job we get frustrated by 'the system'. Take that as you will, but it is a collective term for nursing being difficult, aides not wanting to do their jobs, phlebotomists that come in and wake residents by poking their arms, corporate nonsense, and the mass amounts of paperwork we have to do. This is true of every job (in different ways) and in no way do I claim that I have it worse than elsewhere in dealing with said system. It is always difficult in every job where you deal with many people on a daily basis. I'm aware of this.

Bridget (my twin because we share a birthday) frequently is heard to say 'You're doing God's work'. She's right. We are. We are trying desperately to do as best we can for every person who we treat. It is hard sometimes because of that system. It makes us feel badly and worn down. But her reminder, it gives me a boost whenever I hear her say it.

I'm making her a CD with a lot of songs on it. Lots of MJ and 80's tunes and also a couple of songs that I think echo the words of loving each other. Love each other or perish. (-Wystan Hugh Auden). No other way. Live love. Be love.


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