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NYC with mommers

mom and i went to nyc last weekend to see white christmas ON BROADWAY!!!!! and generally to go around and see some of the city. due to limited time, we only saw a little of it, but honestly, i haven't been there in 5 years, since mom's surgery, and so it was nice to be there for a good thing.

we did go to the site of the world trade center, which i haven't seen. (mom's surgery was the only time i was in ny since 9/11). i took a couple of pictures, but .... it made me feel like it was almost disrespectful to take pictures and post such things. not that i don't want us all to remember, or to see what it looks like. but it is still a pit in the ground where once two buildings, busy and bustling and enormous, stood. nothing comes close to showing what it is like to stand at the edge of it... we stood together staring into the hole in the ground and just cried silent tears for the people we all lost and the pointlessness of it.

as on my fb, i will post a picture of where they should be. the empty sky surrounded by the ongoing 24/7 life of ny... i would suggest that everyone visit it once before the new memorial is up and all. simply to see what we are missing, to remember, to see how people are affected -the upper viewing area was mostly silent as people looked down into it. not that the memorial won't be a wonderful way to remember those we lost, but seeing it like this... you see the vastness, the enormity of what we've lost as a nation. and for me, maybe i always take things personally, but that it was nyc, that part of my life was so nearly affected, that friends were almost lost, that family was almost lost.... i don't know but i do know my heart ached looking at the emptiness.

on a lighter note, we ate at juniors, which was pure deliciousness- cheese blintzes with strawberries and egg creams to drink and THE BEST cheesecake ever for dessert :) so good. most people know about it, but just in case you somehow didn't know...
west 45th between broadway and 8th. oh and their website, yeah here ya go :) you can order it for people. i believe christmas is coming up.... :) possibly buying one for christmas eve for the family as i adore it so much :)

and of course, the highlight of the trip- white christmas on stage!! such an amazing show! honestly, i've seen several shows that i loved, but this... wins! possibly because its my favorite movie, but really, the singing was awesome. the dancing was awesome. it was entirely awesome :) probably i could get in trouble for having taken a picture of the stage, but it was only the stage. i promise my camera was in my purse the rest of the time!

also has a website! highly recommend seeing it since i'm recommending things. :) its only on broadway til january 4th, so you best get moving!

and finally, i don't have a picture of this, but i got to see my friend steve (walker) who is now working at the espn zone restaurant right in times square. if you get a chance to go to nyc, and find yourself hungry, stop in and see him. he'd appreciate big tips. (someday he'll be either on broadway or in tv, bigger than commercials).

great trip, and so glad i spent the day with my mom. she's pretty awesome!


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