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first week...

starting a new job is never easy. and while i expected to be tired this weekend, i had no idea just how completely exhausted i would be.

as well, adding to the fun, either weird allergies or a super head cold took over about tuesday afternoon. awesome.

however, so i don't sound like i'm regretting it or complaining or whatever, i LOVE the place. everyone is so nice, so welcoming, so inviting. they're letting me kinda follow and meet people and generally just jump in wherever as i don't get my own patients yet (nys needs to step on it so i can take my test already).

anyway, its been a crazy long week, but its so great there and i'm very happy. hung out with paula and her itty bitty wed night, which was very fun :) have driven around and gotten lost and made my way back to where i needed to be fairly easily. no serious leads on a new place to live yet, but working on it.

will probably stay with paula, b, and 'her guy' sunday and monday night and come home tuesday - don't forget to vote!!!

anyway, will update as things continue, but for now i'll say the job is great, the people are nice, i love the residents and am learning lots already.

and i'm missing people. a whole lot.



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