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apartment, thanksgiving, news....

so i figure i should post a little bit of the apartment. its insane how much stuff i own. caritas-from high school, pictures the kiddos have drawn, pictures pictures pictures, youth event plans and ideas and books, tshirts from places and events (rwc leadership weekends and a certain floor hockey winningest team shirt (ahem) and the like), cds, movies, and papers. so many papers.

and of course there's the books. currently, the apartment is pretty darn insane. pictures to come once i can have more than the 8 hours of sleep time in here to actually work on something.

thanksgiving was very nice. stayed with mommers and brently, got up before 8 and spent about 5 hours chopping veggies and cooking with mom. shelly is getting a little bigger (oh did i mention my parents, after years of saying NEVER about pets have acquired one adorable little pup? yeah. they did.) meet shelly. half lab, half border collie. she's pretty cute. very sweet. and incredibly entertaining. :)

i should have been smarter about things, but didn't take any pictures of the dinner when it was all beautiful and on the table and everything. but here's a shot of *some* of the aftermath. it was delicious by the way :)

and finally, since i am really excited about this, i'm going to post it. my cousin, ryan, finally got around to asking maryanne, his freaking amazing and wonderful girlfriend of like 6 years, to marry him. i am thrilled because she is so great and i really love her company. as well, i have gotten closer to ryan over the last couple of years because of her presence. (growing up collin and i were way closer). i couldn't be happier....

welcome to the family maryanne!

(she said yes)


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