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updating along the way...

so i haven't posted much of substance lately and figured its about time i got to it.

birthday went by, and was *relatively* uneventful. that friday night a bunch of people went out and celebrated and overall... it was good. i had too many shots and feel that for the first time in my life i was actually drunk, and remembered why i never felt the desire. and won't be doing that again. at least i was with people i trust. once in my life is more than enough.

am continuing the job search and have found a position in PA at a place i want to work at. however, was told i need to have my license before i can begin working in the state. which means i need to hurry up and get everything done asap so that i can move and start working and all. sign on bonus and the pay is good, but honestly, they work with neurological patients and tbi's and others and that is where i believe i am meant to be. not in some orthopedic outpatient. its just not for me. will be calling my last clinical instructor monday to find out what she knows as well as the PA department of the apta so i can find out for sure. but really. temporary licensure is legal in almost every other state. how is it that NY allows such things and PA doesn't??? seriously. ooh! thankfully my vacation pay came through this week which will cover the cost of my test. as though the amount i just spent on school and books and driving to towanda daily for six weeks wasn't enough. oh well, God provided, so the exam will be taken care of very soon.

sitting for the nephews again this weekend, and i will get pictures up this time. really. they are so good, currently sleeping on the day bed beside me. :)

being here, i am always reminded of my aunt. and i started a post a long time ago and never finished it. so i will be doing so and posting it soon. possibly with pictures there too. i am so grateful that ryan and maryanne live so close to me. all my growing up i was always closer to ryan and collin than any of my biological cousins -with the exception of carly and after high school that disappated- but collin and i were always closer. now i've had more time to spend with ryan and we have a lot of fun together. and maryanne, she is awesome and i'm so glad they are close and we do spend as much time together as we do. :)

(will post those soon. promise.)


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