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last night i went to support my high school choir director and his kiddos at b&n- pics on facebook- and was meandering around between 'sets' and overheard a little bit of a conversation between a young man (high school-ish age) and a young woman (who i actually think may be a teacher or counselor or maybe a youth minister or something who can be of help)...

and i heard him say, distinctly, 'my parents have told me they never wanted me' ... and then moments later, 'i may have been a hole in the condom'...

i don't know the guy. i don't know anything about him besides what he looked like and that i was intruding on a private conversation in a very public place. and that i felt... my heart just ached for him. even now, i feel the same pang and concern for him. and so last night, hearing this, i went around the corner to the next aisle and prayed. prayed for his spirit and for him to find the people who will help him find his purpose, his light and help him to shine it. and to know he is loved.

all i ask right now is for prayers for him. because feeling like you're a burden or unwanted and worse, unloved and un-needed... probably worst thing ever. and this young man, he appears to be smart and articulate and a good guy. like i said i don't know him, but really, should anyones heart carry that?

and while i'm feeling this ache, i'm thinking of gary. my own loss of him 15 years ago... is that why he's gone? it doesn't matter why but i got into youth ministry so no one felt the same desperation he did...

God, you know this young person. you know his heart, his need. direct him to people who can help him, direct his steps and his thoughts towards your love and purpose. help him to find your peace and love. keep him strong and comfort him when he is weak. ... and for all the things he needs that you alone know and understand, provide for him in the ways only you can. amen.


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and amen

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