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so its been ages...

and i'm almost done with my last clinical. (attempting) to write my case study, so researching and all whilst finishing my last week (about to anyway).

its been a tough one, outpatient is not my thing at all and my instructor has been tough on me, fair and honest and patient but tough. so its been a rough 5 weeks....well, the last week was a good one and i've only got one left and there were good things that it wasn't all bad.

i'm learning, i'm handling it, i've enjoyed my patients, and i've seen a different side to a lot of prognoses than i'd seen previously. in particular a tbi who is WAY high functioning in comparison to those i've worked with previously. truly awesome to me. ....patient doesn't think its all so awesome, but have tried helping this person see the brighter side that they have been trying to see....anyway, best not talk more, hippa and all.

two weeks of class and then graduation. realised i have the gold tassles and in fact will not graduate with a 3.5 as last semester slaughtered my grades, will have to return those for the black. HOWEVER, i get to wear my ptk stole as am still in honor society :) yay! if you're in town may 22, let me know. you'd be welcome to come see graduation and go have some fun following.... (i'm sure my classmates and i will meet up at some point that night...)

otherwise, things are calm. my last happening weekend as PC (prayer community) mom went SO good! we had the best PC ever and laughed all weekend. so much fun!! will still be around, but i don't know exactly in what capacity or how often...

also, mommers and brently looking to move south, we'll see what happens with that. this would mean selling the house (aka heaven) and everything and them not being here. but then again, i don't know that i'll be here ...they're both working at convincing me to move there as well, or at least close. i don't know where i want to go yet though, and until i do, that makes any decisions hard.

haven't worked as much at the big W, which has been fine by me though not my bank account. will be working more soon. planning a little road trip to visit ...someone.... following this last week, but we'll see when exactly and how things go with that. which determines work schedule etc.

thats about it. not getting as much sleep as i need, this getting up at 5 is a killer, and working 7 days a week isn't fun at all. but i'm alive and fine. (car needs a bath and oil change, but he's ok too). will keep posting when i have more time.


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