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a few things you didn’t know: courtesy of amy :)

Two names you go by:
kate, katerbater (but only to shaney)

Two things you are wearing right now:
jeans, my favorite sweater

Two of your favorite things to do:
sleep and read

Two things you would want or have in a relationship:
honesty and laughter

Two things you want very badly right now:
my back to stop hurting and a certain person to come back to ny. but since i can't have either... i'll name two i could have- tea from the teahouse mmmm, and new scrubs.

Two things you did last night:
watched idol, worked on my research project. (which i am still doing today...and tomorrow, and the next til the 18th of feb or its done...)

Two things you ate yesterday:
tomatoes & fresh moz salad (sooooo good) and baked potato (also SOOOOO good)

Two things you did today:
worked and had class with a dynamic PT named aubrey. she's fun.

Two longest car rides:
bingo ->orlando and anytime i have ever left arnold lake to go anywhere else. :(

Two favorite holidays:
christmas and ...the first day of september. which is only a holiday to me, i know it. but i LOVE september..

Two favorite beverages
honestly, i know this is probably unexciting, but water and cranberry juice

Two things about me:
i question myself daily about my choice of career when in class or in lectures. however, when i'm out in clinical, working with patients, i have never, ever been more sure of any decision i've ever made. including going into youth ministry. which i still do. but only volunteer-wise. and i am so in love with it. :) (i miss bdc and my people there...)
and two... i have never realised how much i appreciate my brother being semi-nearby, but now that he's leaving sunday to move-yes MOVE-to hawaii, i am discovering i'm a more than a little sad. and feeling like i won't see him almost ever again. :(

Two jobs I have had in my life:
nanny (um, hence the title of this bloggy-ness) and heaven on earth employee. (that'd be wegs video)

Two places I have lived:
binghamton NY and leesburg VA

Two of my favorite foods:
lately those fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzerella salads :) and also i love salmon. ahi tuna is pretty high on the list too.

Two places I would rather be right now:
in bed,, in bed.


i think you will be wonderful at your new job!

1:25 AM  

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