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goodbye video....

today is the last day i will ever open my little department, and i know i am one who is sentimental and all, so i will try to spare you my little eye welling story when i realized that fact.

it has however been my 'home' for the last year and a half. i have spent A LOT of time here. and i've loved it. have definitely been the happiest here and have a group of people i've worked with that i feel pretty close to. and of course we will keep in touch-heck brandon's already left us, but it won't be the same. can't come in to see a stack of movies to preview or ones to get ready to go out the following week. no more selling tickets and explaining, over and over, how the wine tour sales work. our calendar will be gone, no more computers from 1983, or flashing video sign, no more MAP program, which has afforded me many movies over the time i've been here. this has been the most fu njob i've ever had, and while i look forward to my future career in PT and all, nothing will be as belly hurting because i've laughed so hard as here....

little shout outs-

mary e - for letting me join the video family and helping me with school
jason - for bringing us back from the brink and helping us
deb - for being mom to all of us and listening with actual concern for us
mike - for being mikey and playing air guitar and rockin out when there was no music
steve - for being a good guy, always, and making life better all the time
mark - for watching high school musical with me ad nauseum and singing it with me EVERY TIME!
sean - well, for being sean. you drive me nuts, you're irresponsible and lazy, but funny. so i guess we have to take the good with the bad
shane - drive ins and political righting of the world talks, lots of laughter, and general harassment- i'll miss you so much...
e hos - for being one of the few girls in my life, and one who i know is genuine, fun, funny, and kinda like the little sister i never had
brandon - my george- miss you lots already, wish you hadn't left, but still i know why and i'm glad for you (luckily i'll see you in october). for all the conversation, listening, park dancing, and joy.....

thanks guys!!!!!!!!! ily!


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