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and so...

i have just out and out not been posting. this doesn't mean of course that i haven't expected to find my friends postings to be updated. .... um, duh. but it does mean i am slacking. bigtime.

so lately... that would be a good place to start. adam and i took a vacation, of sorts, to ithaca. it was wonderful and we had a very good time. found this place, which i am now in love with and thinking its time to bail out on everything else and move in here.... it was so... i don't know, it felt like just the best thing to be in ithaca. its a comforting feeling there. we also saw a play 'after ashley' by the kitchen theater company. awesome play. adam's favorite line- 'put down the sylvia plath book and play kickball' i think mine was 'you survived IN SPITE of me!'
:) we listened to van halen and root on the way home. :) delightful.

i have found i was doing my sabotage-thing already.... which could be a good thing if he sticks with me in spite of it... thus far, i've caught myself so will hopefully stop that now. especially since i am bringing him to help with happening stuff this weekend. i need to grasp my chaos and destroy it.

my own fears have such a grip on me, its scarier than the fear itself.

am still working, still in school. i received a letter last week telling me i'd won an award for school and would receive additional monies... i don't recall applying but i think i may have been nominated. excellent! in sadder news though, my department is closing. officially by the end of may i will no longer be found in that little piece of heaven with brandon and erin and shane. have been irritated at danny about it (stupid danny!) but we move on i suppose. brandon may leave after the summer anyway, since he graduates in may. we'll see.... in the mean time, i've been learning accounting the wegmans way, which is not the funnest area, save for the brians (since melissa left us!). i am learning it though, so its better than not having any home to go to...

will look into posting pictures soon. am very slow about it... to the 3 people who read this, my apologies.


Do we know this Adam? have we been formally introduced on the blog? Because I am one of the faithful readers and I've heard hintings but I'd like to know more. Glad life is going well.

12:28 AM  

HEY! I am doing well! Been busy as heck, but very good!
How are you?! are coming to TX this summer?!? HOW AWESOME!! Where too?!
And no, you won't be able to take Biscuit home with you!
But maybe PJ...yeah, you can have Pj!
Don't think Pj will fit very well into a suitcase.
Hope you are having a GREAT week!

9:52 AM  

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